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Save the date!
We've got our dates for Rinpoche confirmed; he'll be coming to  Dungkar Ling in Pennsylvania the weekend of June 9 & 10, 2018.
We're so fortunate that he's coming again this year! Hoping to see everyone!
Topic: The Six Bardos
Bardo is a Tibetan word that can be translated as “in between state of
experience,” meaning the duration of experience in between one point and
another, such as this life, after death, future births and so forth.  This
is a teaching describing the key points of the truths of our experience that
are extremely important to understand.  When we understand the bardos, we
can begin to seek out the means for finding happiness for ourselves and
others, now and into the future, and also arrive at some very profound
insights. This teaching will not only describe these, but also the way in
which to practice throughout all states of experience. It is something that
we can easily understand and practice. The six bardos are the bardo of this
life, the bardo of dreams, the bardo of meditation, the bardo of death and
dying, the bardo of true nature, and the bardo of becoming. You are welcome
to come and listen to this teaching with Khentrul Rinpoche who will provide
us with both a very clear and also easy understanding of these bardos.
Put it on your calendar, and we'll update you as the time gets closer!

We meet for meditation on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM

Location TBA

Call 610-724-8602 for information.

Calm-Abiding meditation is a non-denominational guided meditation, open to anyone and everyone, including those who have never meditated, as well as long-term practitioners. Using the breath as a focus, we sit for 30 minutes of silence. 
Guided Tonglen meditation  for 15 minutes follows the  Calm-Abiding meditation. This is a practice for developing compassion. Using the breath, imagining we are taking away suffering from others giving them our happiness, helps loosen our attachment to our own disturbing emotions. By training in the perspective we can completely change our outlook and transform our lives.

Webcasts are one Tuesday a month:

The Precious Garland of Four Dharmas by Longchenpa with Khentrul Rinpoche

Next date is to be announced

Khentrul Rinpoche is making his dharma talks available to practitioners worldwide. They are presented from his different teaching locations and are aired live. They last about two hours and give practical interpretations of centuries old verses about how to carry adversity onto the spiritual path.